Environmental Policy

Environmentally Friendly Accommodation


Mount Richmond Hotel is committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible. We love this beautiful country and are always looking to improve our practices to reduce our carbon footprint. We encourage our guests to do the same.

Please see the following list of steps we are taking to be more environmentally friendly, if you have any suggestions for further green initiatives we can take please Contact Us.

Sustainability – What we’re doing

As we upgrade and maintain Mount Richmond Hotel, we look to find the most environmentally friendly choices for appliances, materials and equipment, ingredients, suppliers and products that we use:

Environmentally friendly cleaners – All chemicals used to clean rooms and maintain property are environmentally friendly.

Local economy – We support local businesses for products and services needed at the hotel, and favour other businesses who are also committed to preserving the environment.

Low power lighting – LED and CFL lighting is used throughout our buildings to reduce power usage. Sensor lighting is used, where suitable, to ensure public area lights are only activated when necessary.

Power saving appliances – All appliance purchases consider energy ratings to use as little power as possible.

Recycling – We separate and sort all recyclable materials, diverting as much waste from landfill as possible.

Reduced water use – Our bathrooms are fitted with low water use equipment such as dual flush toilets and flow reducers. Linen is commercially laundered using machines that reduce water use as much as possible.

Reuse & upcycling During our recent renovations, we’ve chosen to spruce up our dated decor, instead of replacing it completely where possible. For instance, we have painted and restored many of our furniture items.

Staff incentives – We encourage our team to provide new and innovative ideas to help us reduce waste and energy consumption.


Reducing Carbon Footprint – What our guests can do

While you’re staying with us, we’d love it if you can join us in doing our bit to reduce environmental impact. Please consider the following choices when in-house.

Bring e-tickets – No need to print your reservation info! All guests are emailed booking confirmations, simply refer to this confirmation from your smartphone at check-in, or note down your confirmation number.

Reduce servicing – Place a ‘Do Not Disturb’ hanger on your door to opt-out of daily servicing during multi-night stays.

Reduce waste – If shopping, take reusable bags. Make retailers responsible for their products packaging waste by disposing of it at the store.

Reuse towels – Hang your towels to dry and reuse them during your stay, just like you do at home.

Switch off – When leaving your room, please turn off all lights and appliances when not in use.